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So many of my mentors have stressed the importance of service and giving. From a religious context this is seen as tithing, giving a tenth of your income in terms of a financial contribution. However, this is also such an amazing concept to tithe time. In tithing from their income many spiritual people have recognized the abundance of this universe and the principles of multiplying good energies. When you tithe your time, you give thanks to the universe and give back by contributing to a cause, on trust and faith, that your contribution may enable and serve somebody else, as a result of your voluntary investment.

I have discovered so many projects worthy of investment. I have also seen many people who are lonely, distracted or addicted, who would do well to invest some time in voluntary meaningful activity.

If you don't know who to turn to, where to invest yourself, take a few moments to connect to your true inner self. You too were blessed by the universe. If you have landed here, it is no coincidence. You DO have something to give. It is up to YOU to reach out.

When I was asked to speak to the WFWPI Webinar on Women Entrepreneurship - I dare to say I had the typical female feeling of inadequacy - thinking, I am not qualified, I am not good enough. I took the leap and determined to give what I had anyhow. I am glad I did. It is in giving that we receive. Take the leap. Find your worthy project. Volunteer your time.