About Lilly Gundacker

Lilly Gundacker

Consultant, Mentor and Motivational Trainer.

Meet Lilly Gundacker, former Data Assistant at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Communications Trainer. An idealist who spent ten years at home raising five children while supporting her travelling salesman husband from the home office at a time before internet and mobile phones.

Lilly lives and believes in life-long learning.

As a recognized competent communicator and competent leader in the international Toastmasters programme she took the United Nations public speaking club into the digital age. Lilly introduced a club camera and video recordings for internal use providing next level personal growth opportunities for international civil servants.

Lilly was born in Australia, to Czech immigrants, as the second of five children. She came to Austria after volunteer work in America , where she was introduced to her Austrian husband.

"My experience leading the VIC Toastmasters club showed me how important communication skills are. 
"My family and life experience led me to believe we need parental values within the UN system.
"My kids taught me you are never too old to learn.
"My varied life experiences have enriched and blessed me. I know with good leadership, dignity and respect, miracles are possible.
"I've discovered that mentoring can facilitate a quantum leap in development. The longing to reach a cherished goal, together with the conviction to pay the inevitable price, can open channels previously unimagined."

Having fulfilled my dream of having five children and then still managing to get a job in the Austrian workforce after spending ten years at home, I am inspired to motivate.

Then doing volunteer work and becoming an NGO representative at the United Nations assured me that I was good enough.

When I taught English conversation and customer orientation in Kitzbuehel in the Austrian Alps, I saw that I too could be an entrepreneur.

Then I got a job offer from the United Nations where I had been sending in applications for years. While working at the International Atomic Energy Agency, it was my supervisor who urged me to apply for the position of Staff Council Representative. At the UN I also joined Toastmasters.

After a full and varied life, I am still multi-tasking, reaching out, volunteering and training. In particular, I love to inspire.

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