Focus and Motivation

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Why is focus important and where does motivation come from? Two days ago, I was in a training meeting which went into break out rooms. I believe it was intended to be about four or five people in each breakout room. We ended up being only two, after first seeing four, then three names. One… Continue reading Focus and Motivation

What to do?

A New Model of Leadership

What to do? If you’re longing for a UN job, you need to get off your butt and do something. I love watching Navy CIS because it reminds me so much of experiences I had at work. There is even one episode about a nuclear safeguards inspector where the IAEA is mentioned. Retiree I’ve retired… Continue reading What to do?

Human Design

My MasterMind meeting this morning introduced me to Robert Waldinger. His presentation on “The Secret to a Happy Life” just fascinated me. I wanted to tell you about it straight away and tried to do a FaceBook live. Next I reflected on accepting myself for who I really am and recognizing my special qualities, based… Continue reading Human Design

Hello world!

Welcome to Dream Job UN. This is the blog. Here you can read the latest news about special offers. Discover links to new videos. Read about recent events. Get inspired about various aspects of what it means to be connected to the United Nations. Lilly Gundacker I am Lilly Gundacker. In 2007 I presented the… Continue reading Hello world!