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How to upload videos to YouTube

Webinar for VIC Toastmasters admins to share zoom meetings. See also How to upload videos to YouTube - Part 2 Settings   • How to upload vid...  

How to upload videos to YouTube - Part 2 Settings

This is an educational video made to support the VIC Toastmasters Club in knowledge sharing and continuity for the executive. See also Sequel to How to upload videos to YouTube   • How to upload vid...  

Communicating through easySpeak for Toastmasters

The final trial run about club management tool: easySpeak using examples from the VIC Toastmasters club. Learn to create your signature block; communicate with club members. My sources:
1. EasySpeak
2. EasySpeak video:
3. Knowledge Base
4. EasySpeak Knowledge base
5. EasySpeak FaceBook group - you see a button where you can click to join for videos and webinars to get training on EasySpeak;
6. Help Options
7. Personal experience

Find EasySpeak on your FTH website

How to link your Free-Toast-Host website to your easySpeak Frontpage. For Toastmaster clubs using the FTH website option and easySpeak club management tools. Thank you to Malcolm Warden webmaster of easySpeak and tireless supporter of Toastmasters International; supporting thousands of passionate competent communicators and competent leaders all around the world.

Using easySpeak - add a speaker to the agenda

For Toastmasters using the EasySpeak club management tool: How to edit the agenda in easySpeak to add a speaker. Save as new template

How to delete an empty role from the Agenda in EasySpeak

If you get an error message to cancel assignments before deleting agenda item - it means you have to empty the field - take out the names of people who may have been prepared to take the role. Once you go to the top of the list where you can select all the members then you can delete the unneeded field in the agenda.

EasySpeak edu Comm

Intended for Area F2 and all others of Toastmasters in Division F District 109 - Austria. This is a plea to update easySpeak entries to facilitate communication channels available to reach club officers and their members with one email clicking a button. The names need to be entered into the system. I can help you. Please send me the names after I get the access rights. Please add me as easySpeak Support on your Area and Division Level.

Toastmasters Club Officers in EasySpeak

Educational video for VPE on how to add a committee member to the Executive Committee and how to assign permissions on EasySpeak

EasySpeak edit club default location

Toastmasters using EasySpeak Club Managment tool: VPE Vice President Education has editing rights. This video shows how to go through the Club Control Panel to change the default club meeting location. The location needs to be in the list of meeting locations to select from. This is a learning by doing video for V.I.C. Toastmasters Club. Questions raised: Who is club admin? Do you want to publish Facebook link? Do you want to enter YouTube account? Do you want to add the gmail account?

EasySpeak How to add Table Topics Speaker

Toastmasters Management website EasySpeak instructions on updating actuals of meeting after it has already been closed. VPE and some other admin has access to reopen and edit the meetings on EasySpeak. Learning by doing. Happy Toastmastering!

Toastmasters VPE How to Schedule Speeches on EasySpeak

Toastmasters Vice-President Education How to Schedule Speeches on EasySpeak. Members how to select your Path or workbook on EasySpeak

Toastmasters Executive How To add video link to meeting in EasySpeak

Vice President Education has access to reopen and edit meetings based on control panel settings in EasySpeak

Club Vice-President Education special access in EasySpeak

EasySpeak Control Panel. Toastmasters Club Vice-Presidents Education only, obtain access on 1 July for admin control for individualized club settings. All settings default at change-over. How to create a new position in your club. How to change permissions of club officers.

Boycott the internet but forget YouTube

Serious considerations for a corporate closed Toastmasters club about social media applications, advantages and disadvantages

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