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By lilly

May 6, 2022

Welcome to Dream Job UN. This is the blog. Here you can read the latest news about special offers. Discover links to new videos. Read about recent events. Get inspired about various aspects of what it means to be connected to the United Nations.

Lilly Gundacker

I am Lilly Gundacker. In 2007 I presented the NGO statement to the CTBTO Conference in Vienna representing 47 NGOs.

At that time I was an NGO representative for WFWPI at the UN in Vienna. The issues there and then were and are nuclear non-proliferation and banning the testing of nuclear weapons.

At that time I was also involved with the Committee on Narcotic Drugs and supported the organization of “Beyond 2008” – the first conference hosted by NGOs with Member State representatives attending as observers. I then became secretary of the NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs.

International Atomic Energy Agency

In 2009 I began working for the International Atomic Energy Agency. There I had 13 contracts over a period of ten years working for the Division of Nuclear Security. It started out as the Office of Nuclear Security and as more and more staff were recruited and the mandate grew and grew – it eventually became a Division.

Communication Trainer

Before joining the Agency I was a communications trainer teaching English as well as Customer Orientation in the Tourist Industry, and motivational training for the unemployed.

Mother of Five

As the mother of five sons, I value the importance of a listening ear and empathetic understanding. That’s a whole other topic.

About the author

Consultant, mentor, motivational trainer

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