June 2


Same pic, new theme

By lilly

June 2, 2024

social media

Social Media
This week I edited an Instagram account dedicated to an NGO I support, to another chapter of that same NGO.


We are living in challenging times. AI, social media, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook.

What do you subscribe to?
I know many people are worried and concerned about all that could go wrong in this time of rapid change and technological development. I am often overwhelmed by the subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes taking place on my favourite social media platforms.
However, I do not allow that to stop me. I firmly believe that it is all the good that we do and commit to do which will ultimately sway all the energies in a positive direction.

This morning I sat with two young Africans, now here in Vienna, Austria. One was from Liberia and the other from Nigeria. It was an opportunity to listen, to share, to encourage and to start a new cooperation.
If you’re reading my blog here on Dream Job UN, you may know that I am dedicated to promoting interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values.
I’ve worked at the UN and know that the people there are just as “normal” as the “man on the street”. On the other hand, I know that every single person has their idosyncracies, is unique, special and worthy of attention!

This week, apart from the live meetings at the UN which included the Philippine Diaspora meeting at the VIC on Friday, #DIASPORADIPLOMATS #ENFIDA2024, I also joined a webinar on YouTube. I mean it was about YouTube, as well as being recorded to YouTube.

I told you about my overwhelm. Much of it is self induced. I know I need to learn to focus. I’m dealing with social media per se which takes me from YouTube to Facebook, to Instagram, and that on various channels, groups and pages.
On Wednesday when I began rededicating an obsolete Instagram account, I got so inspired to again see support from collaborative youth. And then even more excited to see Young-at-Heart also willing and prepared to jump on the band-wagon!

Quantity or Quality?
Two days later at the all day meeting at the UN, I was happy to see all the mobile phones swooping around the room and listened to the moderator request all posts to be labeled with the hashtags #DIASPORADIPLOMATS #ENFIDA2024. Thankfully, at least our two young collaborators have complied. I dragged myself back home and am still delving through the tons of material I have accrued recently to turn out a few posts.
By the way, the YouTuber said to forget the quality and get the quantity. Don’t freeze in perfectionism. Learn by doing. So if you find stuff I’m posting, not quite appropriate – feel free to comment. I’m jumping over my shadow to get more dynamically active, to learn to know how and what to really focus on.

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