September 15


Focus and Motivation

By lilly

September 15, 2023

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Why is focus important and where does motivation come from?
Two days ago, I was in a training meeting which went into break out rooms. I believe it was intended to be about four or five people in each breakout room. We ended up being only two, after first seeing four, then three names. One other camera came on briefly, but quickly disappeared as soon as we began talking.

Focus on the positive
No worry. I met up with Ye-Jin Han who is creating courses for people to learn to play the violin and viola. She focusses on promoting passion for a particular piece, rather than expertise in technique. We committed to take action within 48 hours. I am just approaching borderline. We are both busy people and I was in a number of other meetings.

How do you do it?
So now to pinpoint how important it is to have a focus and to be motivated.

First, I immediately wrote down what my commitment was to do. The instruction was to do something immediately which is “cross-outable”. Klarissa suggested that to really build up momentum it’s best to commit to do just one thing and then just do it. Rather than a vague promise to “get healthy”, or go to the gym every day, commit to get on that home trainer tomorrow and do half an hour of cycling. Well, that was not my promise. I knew how hard it was to just do a few minutes only last week. But I did that anyhow. I cycled for ten minutes and was very proud of myself since it has been a very long time and my legs are very, very sore.
My commitment was to write this blog about Focus and Motivation. Then I was involved in setting up an Instagram account for my NGO and preparing for an upcoming conference.
Yesterday instead of having to figure out which of the three meetings I would attend in the afternoon, I accompanied my husband to the museum and we made good use of the annual museum pass we received a year ago.

So, the second step for me was to appreciate the time I had and be aware of the deadline. It included “me time”, without guilt or stress, just enjoying my marriage time with my partner and knowing I will deal with my blog commitment later.

Third, I’ve just come back from a walk in the park where I did a live vlog which I’m linking here for you to see.

So, easy does it. Step by step. Never give up. Make your goals. Devise a plan. Then relax. Do what needs to be done. Don’t worry about what you can’t do, just do what you can.

And remember, done is better than perfect.

Oh, no, so now you can see, it is far from perfect. I had my finger over the microphone of my phone. Luckily, I realized eventually, and the rest is audible. Wow, if this doesn’t get you going, knowing that you can do much better than me, what do you need?

I’m all for being honest, authentic and vulnerable. I am no more perfect than you are. However I am convinced that together we are better. So, with interaction, I and you can both improve.

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