Cruise back in time, select a topic - and just be astounded at how quickly things can change! 

The content below serves to educate those who really want to serve the United Nations, whether in a Dream Job with remuneration, or as a volunteer, as an NGO representative, or even as a member of a UN club, like the Toastmasters Club for public speaking and leadership competence.

In my comprehensive experience as an international civil servant actually working in a paid job for the UN, and as a volunteer, serving international organizations, either as a civil society representative, or a staff association representative, I feel privileged to have gained insight into aspects of work most people never see at all.

Most of my colleagues were only ever on the one side or the other. I am grateful for the time I could serve as an NGO representative while working in the public sector.

I am even more grateful for the ten years I spent working for the IAEA.

Now I am very happy to share my experience and expertise.

WFWP Webinar Training

Preparation meeting with briefing and explanation on the difference between hosting a zoom meeting and a webinar. Courtesy Victor Rengnez.

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Social Media and Communication

Presentation to WFWP Leaders. Social media channels and various aspects of communication. How can I be more effective? What can I do?

2022-06-05 May Report

Statistical report of social media activity with Facebook-Meta for one month. Venting frustration, addressing changes, communication issues. Background for activities surrounding WFWP EUME in May 2022. A plea for feedback. A call to action. Subscribe to YouTube channel WFWP Europe. Tell me how I'm doing.

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Google Drive, Virtual Background

Overcome your fear was the ultimate message I wanted to share in this video. I start with some virtual background then show you how to find your Google Drive.

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Behind the Scenes

Don't ever underestimate your own influence. We often see successful public people, but not their steps to get there. Here I share a review of a meeting which challenged yet fulfilled me.

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Technik & Social Media (German)

Reporting to WFWP Austria at the Annual General Meeting reviewing 2021