Why Public Relations Matters

Public Relations today basically translates as social media. So the question here is: Why Social Media Team?

This part is all about our value and need for social media representation and how to get there. How do we present ourselves in social media? How does it happen? Who does it? Who cares? Who needs it? Who wants it? Who benefits? 

Who will pay for it?

Do you want to commercialize? Do you want ads on your site?

Join the discussion and contribute to the social media team work.

As a passionate world changer - I have contributed voluntarily - to my NGO, to my club, to my spiritual community ...

When you decide that you can make a difference in your community, in the society, at the United Nations - what do you do? Step by step, stone by stone, page by page, day by day... We can all make a difference.

Just one post in social media can have an impact. One tweet can get attention. One photograph gets commented, shared, liked - and an avalanche of public opinion is generated.